Electrical and Electronics

Teaching Staff

 Sl.No   Name of the Staff  Designation 
2. Sri. ZAKIR HUSSAIN Lecturer
3. Sri. ARSHAD ALI RAHUT Lecturer


Non Teaching Staff

 Sl.No   Name of the Staff  Designation 
1.  Sri. RIYAZ DAFEDAR Lab Assistant



To prepare highly skilled electricians for the country’s grid.


It is very true that today life without electricity is highly unimaginable. It is very essential for any institution or firm to have a good power control and maintenance of all the activities for the smooth running of the institution. This is one of the most basic branch and has always remained one of the vital body of any institution or firm. This branch has been started with the strong intention that within the course of 3 years in the branch, the students must be capable to understand the generation, utilization maintenance as well as improving the quality of electricity. By this knowledge our department is not only trying to build a perfect base in the mindset of the students to cope up with the changing technologies, but also making them able to provide or emerge with new modifications and ideas so as to make the use of energy in safer manner.
To achieve this goal, our department is blessed with qualified, dedicated and well-experienced staff. The laboratories are equipped with modern machines and meters and also there is a wide range of old machines also, so as to make students aware of changing technology.


Subject Offered

Semester – I Semester – II
1. Applied Science 1. Applied Mathematics-II
2. Applied Mathematics 2. English Communication
3. MES 3. Electrical Circuits
Elements of Elect. Engg.
4. Electronics-I
5. Applied Science Lab 5. CAED Drawing Lab
6. BCS Lab 6. Elect. Circuit Lab Lab
7. Elect. Wiring Lab 7. Electronics-I Lab


Semester – III Semester – IV
1. Elect. Machines-I 1. Elect. Machines-II
2. Comm. & Computer N/W 2. Elect. Power Generation
3. Elect. & Electr. Measurements 3. Transmission & Distribution
4. Electronics-II 4. Power Electronics
5. Elect. Measurement Lab 5. Elect. Machines Lab
6. Electronics-II 6. Power Electronics Lab
7. CAED Lab 7. C Programming Lab


Semester – V Semester – VI
1. Estimation & Specification 1. I D&C
2. Switch Gear & Protection 2. utilization of Elect. Energy & management
3. Embedded System 3. Basic Management Skills & Indian Constitution
4. Electrical Workshop Lab 4. Electric Motor Control Lab
5. Embedded System Lab 5. PLC & HDL Lab
6. CASP Lab 6. Project Work
7. Project – I




On the completion of 3 years in diploma in E & E, the students have a bright future with various opportunities such as,

    • Can continue higher education like B.E. (direct 3rd sem), A.M.I.E., B.Tech
    • Aeronautical Engg., Defence Military Engg,B.B.A.,B.C.A.
    • After completion of Diploma with high qualification of Engg., the students can join various sectors like government public & private sectors such as TELCO, BHEL, HAL, HMT, L&T, Seimens, Railways, Government Electricity board, etc. They can also join in Air Traffic Control Center i.e. in (A.T.C.) in Navy as well as Air force.
    • Self employment of setting up a small scale industry like workshop for manufacture of consumable goods, repair unit, ancillary units, etc is also an added opportunity after completing 3 years of diploma course.