Electronics and Communications

Teaching Staff

 Sl.No   Name of the Staff  Designation 
1.  Smt. F.H.KITTUR Sl. Gr. Lecturer /HOD
2.  Sri. A.M.BILEKUDRI Sl. Gr. Lecturer
3.  Sri. M.B. RAVI Sl. Gr. Lecturer
4.  Sri. MASOOD AHMED JUNEDI Sl. Gr. Lecturer
5.  Sri. SURESH S.S Sl. Gr. Lecturer

Non Teaching Staf

 Sl.No   Name of the Staff  Designation 
1.  Sri. Maqbool Ahmed Kittur Instructor
2. Sri. Moin R Nadaf Assistant
3.  Sri. Javeed Khan Karikatti Mechanic
4.  Sri. Hyderali Vali Helper



To impart technological education, develop leadership qualities in students and strive to create a center of excellence.

 The aim of Diploma Course in Electronics & Communication Engineering at Tippu Shaheed Institute of Technology Polytechnic, Hubli is to mould the students for professional practice, in an era of rapidly advancing interdisciplinary technology.

Electronics & Communication is highly sought after branch of engineering today by both students and parents. This age is rightly called ”Electronic Era” as every facet of our life is facilitated & controlled by electronics in one form or the other.

Subject Offered

Semester – I Semester – II
1. English Communication 1. Applied Mathematics-II
2. Digital Electronics 2. Semiconductor Devices
3. Applied Mathematics 1 3. Applied Science
4. BEEC 4. Programming with C
5. BCS Lab 5. Semiconductor Devices Lab
6. BEEC Lab 6. Applied Science Lab
7. Digital Lab 7. Programming with C Lab


Semester – III Semester – IV
1. Analog Electronic Circuits 1. Microcontrollers and Its Applications
2. Digital electr. & Introd. to MP 2. Digital Communication
3. Analog Communication 3. Data Communication & Networks
4. Electronics Measur. and Instru. 4. Audio & Video Systems
5. Analog Electronics Circuits Lab 5. Microcontrollers & Its Appl. Lab
6. Analog Comm. Lab 6. Digital Comunication Lab
7. PCB Design & Simulation Lab 7. PC Hardware & Networks Lab


Semester – V Semester – VI
1. Industrial Automation 1. Basic Management Skills & Indian Constitution
2. VHDL Programming 2. ARM Controller
3. Adv. Microprocessor 3. Medical electronics
4. Adv. Communication 4. ARM Controller Lab
5. Industrial Automation Lab 5. MAT Lab
6. VHDL Lab 6. Project Work
8. Project Work-I



This course enables to develop students in core competency areas of,

  • Micro controller and its applications.
  • VHDL programming.
  • Power Electronics and PLC.
  • Advanced Microprocessors.
  • Analog and Digital Communication.
  • Data Communication & Networking.
  • Medical Electronics.

The department is having dedicated, efficient and well-experienced faculty. The laboratories are equipped with modern instruments and computer facilities. Miniprojects and competitions ensure sound practical knowledge for students.

The department is well furnished with latest technology and computers and has advanced computational facilities like internet and intranet.


On completion of 3 – year (6 Semester) Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering, the student has following opportunities;

    • Can continue their U.G education by taking the admission directly to 3rd semester.
    • Can be employed in Government & Semi- Government sectors.
    • Self employment,
    • Supporting staff in various technical educational institutes.