About Us

TIPPU SHAHEED INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, as the name suggests, owes its name to Hazrat Tippu Shaheed [R.A], a Kannadiga who bitterly fought and sacrificed his life trying to overthrow the expanding might of British Empire. Apart from being a warrior, he was a man of letters and a patron of technological advancement of his time. In particular, the rocket technology is said to have achieved a break-through in his lifetime. The institute is offering 6 Engineering Diploma courses; each of 3 years Duration. Viz. Civil, Mechanical, Electronics & Communications, Automobile Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Computer Science. All the courses are approved by Director of Technical Education, Bangalore, and Government of Karnataka and affiliated under AICTE, New Delhi.


We do hereby like to make a vision statement that we wish to envision our Institution to see among the top in whole of North Karnataka in short time towards this end, we shall strive to raise the educational standard of society at large through our effective functioning.    As is obvious, it would be the first step to spread the literacy among the masses with a ultimate aim to take nation on a forward march. In so doing, we shall focus on the values as enumerated below.

A]  Academic Freedom:-A part from the prescribed syllabus, it would be our endevour to encourage our staff to prepare their lesson and project by collecting material from different sources with a view to raise the standard of curriculum keeping in view the present day needs so that our students become industry ready.

B]  Institutional Autonomy: –We shall strive to gain the autonomy by achieving and fulfilling the parameter set by the DTE in getting the autonomy.  This requires continuous efforts and single minded devotion on the part of each department.
C]  High Quality: –Efforts would be made constantly to upgrade the quality in all spheres-infrastructure, administration and imparting of education.  However we shall focus on moulding the personality of the students so that they are readily acceptable by the outside world.

D]  Equal Access:-We aim at giving equal access to all the students and staff in the matter of amenities, available infrastructure and learning opportunities without giving room for any basis or discrimination on the bases of cast, creed, religion & language etc.,
E]  Non-Discrimination:-All students are equal in the eyes of the Institute.  We shall practice zero tolerance to any form of discriminating practice, be it social, ethnic, religion on gender based.


Preamble: –Where it is necessary to record our mission statement on regards the realization of our vision.  We under take to work as a team taking our management too in to confidence.

Resource mobilization: –Our Institution having been founded in 1980, has a trail blazing record of achievements being one of the oldest Institutions in this part of North Karnataka. It has produce thousands of junior level technocrats who are busy in serving Institution/Firms/Companies, they are working under and/ or running their working enterprise/business, thus contributing to the upliftment of the society at large on the one hand the progress and onward march of the economy of our nation on the other.

            This being our track record, and without resting on our laurels we need to take a big leaf fast forward in order to achieve our vision statement.
Stake holders:
A]  Society:-Society is our most important stake holder, it is our raision d`être and all our activities revolve round the interest of the society.

B]  Students:They are the focus and centre of all our activities, and it would be our constant endeavor to better their performance so that they are capable of standing on their own legs.  The teaching, the lab facilities, book lending etc and various promotional activities, shall be under taken to make their personalities well rounded.  This would prepare them in such way that the outside world accept them as soon as they are out of the Institution.

Parents: –We are answerable to them as well, as they are the ones who toil for their ward’s education.  A successful student naturally satisfied the ambitions of the parents.
Staff: –Teachers toil is said to bloom when his/her ward is successful and the teacher is duly rewarded with better opportunities due to the overall progress the state registers as a result of the healthy contribution by alumni. We also encourage the desirous faculty pursue higher education for their better prospectus.


Our long term goal is to see that our Institution becomes most sought after in the whole of North Karnataka.
Towards this end we seek to achieve the following Milestones.
A]  Infrastructure: –We wish to expand our infrastructure to accommodate the future intake of students.
B]  Class room:-We shall adopt the modern  mean of imparting the education.
Lab:-In each department we shall take steps to add the necessary machines, equipments and devices to cater to the individual needs of the students.
HRD Department: –We shall strengthen the profile of placement officer by encouraging him to give him a free hand as per his needs and foresight.
Personality Development: –We shall establish a permanent section in HR department to organize continuous program to train students in soft skills, time management and other traits of management technique.